Penance Stare

by Hydra

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remastered 1994 demo tape (with band moniker aydra)


released January 1, 1994



all rights reserved


Hydra Ancona, Italy

The band is born in Falconara Marittima Ancona Italy in 1985. Hydra records 5 demo tapes and 1 cd from 1988 to 1996 playing thrash metal, influenced by bands like Slayer and Metallica. In 2008 Hydra founders join again to play new songs. Hydra current line up is Giovanni Rovatti vocals and guitar, Gianluca Marconi guitar, Gianluca Cardinaletti drums and Isadora Galeazzi bass ... more

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Track Name: Dream's Door
I walk through the hall, my child dream's door
opened and dark again, I run and talk for not to die

pass the point, forget that awful place
run again, waiting for you behind
old place, born form your fantasies
full of dark and beast from your mind

you're in again you can't
awake yourself
blind in the middle of
whirl of beasts
I fear no more with them
I fly and fight
I fear no more hero I can be
for them
Track Name: Penance Stare
your killing fury
I will end now
you have to suffer
the pain you made

you have to feel
my penance stare
you have to feel
your victims' pain

under my penance stare
justice by my hands
under my penance stare
vengeance will be ours

you want to spill
innocent blood
this can't be allowed
you must feel the pain

you'll fell your soul
your body and your brain
tearing apart
by my penance stare

you feel, teared apart
Track Name: Carnage
come to me demons
crawl from the shadows
feel my light penetrate
your soulless bodies

your numbers double
we'll do our master's work
carnival, destroyed
enjoy the slaughter feast


stench of blood comes from you
that condemns you to death
speak no more death at my hand
taste my gun my hellfire

nowhere to run
you little boy
no one to save
you from hell fangs

your flesh tasty
is ours
no escape
you little boy

stench of blood comes from you
that condemns you to death
speak no more death at my hand
taste my gun my hellfire
Track Name: Vengeance
Here's the money
where's the information
my associate will be here
shortly what you want ?

I want Ghost Rider
I'll give anything
I'd sell my soul to the devil
for a chance at him DONE!!

your heart's desire
you will be given
destroy the Rider
the price is your soul

burns in flames
hellfire now
will mutate your limbs
to become my right ARM

so little I need
to corrupt the souls
who think they are
above reproach

your bones so black
to match your soul
you'll never rest
till the end complete